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Hi Friends! Welcome to the little section on my blog where I get to share about my essential oils obsession. Honestly never in a million years did I think I would get into these little bottles of heaven, but they have changed our lives in so many ways. I first wanted to use them mainly for the cleaning capabilities and general household use. I had heard such amazing things about the Thieves cleaner, so this is what original drew me into the oils world! I was not disappointed!! This stuff is simply amazing and by far the best household cleaner I've ever used.

The benefits go so much beyond household uses though. These tiny little bottles do so much for immune support, skin support, sleep support, emotional support, ALL THE THINGS. Creating my own rollers, lotions and diffusing blends has truly become a passion. I'm still learning, but I'd love for you to learn with me on this journey because most of all I feel so good knowing that I'm using 100% natural, chemical-free products on my family.

Simply put, not all oils are created equally.  With YL’s “Seed to Seal” standards you can rest assured your family will be using the highest quality product without ANY dilution or chemical additives.

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why young living, and not the cheaper brands on amazon?

where do i start?

If you'd like to start learning more about using oils, the best place to start is by becoming a member and purchasing a starter kit. You DO NOT HAVE TO SELL OILS if you become a member! You'll just get 50% off the starter kit and 24% off of every oil, forever. It's also beneficial to join the Essential Rewards Program to receive the products you need on a monthly basis. This has become my one stop shop for all household items, which is hugely beneficial to this busy mama!

ORDER HERE and please make sure the number 17614296 appears in both the "Enroller" and "Sponsor ID" fields and choose wholesale member.

what do i do with the oils once i receive them?

With your starter get, you’ll get plenty of learning materials including an encyclopedia of all of YL’s products and the most frequent uses of the oils. Best of all though you’ll also be invited to a private wellness group on facebook where there is a TON of information regarding the benefits and ways to use your new oils. I'd also love for you to follow along with me on my journey of discovering essential oils on my instagram @prettysmitten! 

I was fortunate enough to join a team lead by Liz Joy of Pure Joy Home. Not only is she completely nailing it in the essential oils business, but she just happens to be the one of the sweetest, funniest and most genuine people out there. No matter if you just purchase oils for your own personal use, or if you decide to build your very own'll be joining a community of some pretty awesome women. Most importantly, we're all in this together, learning about how essential oils can improve every aspect of our lives.

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